That’s the Way the Garden Grows

There was a pretty horrible storm last night, with warnings of possible hail and a tornado watch. Luckily for us (and the garden!) the warnings never came to fruition and “all” we got was some very torrential rain with high winds. It didn’t last long, and none of the veggies were any worse off after it was over.

This week has gotten me all excited over the happenings in the garden. The purple beans, even those that the rabbit chewed the tops off from, are all climbing up the trellis. The jalapenos are being wonderful producers, there’s a little watermelon the size of a golf ball, and the purple bells are, well, purple.

Part of the fun with growing is because you know the result. You know you’ll get tomatoes all summer and bean plants taller than Shaq. And then there’s the growing things just to see what happens. Many of the additions to the garden that I selected this year were for that, and it’s been so fun and interesting. The purple beans and bells both took forever to get started, but now they’re going!


It’s fun having different colors in the garden. And seeing the bell today, finally totally purple, really made me smile. It’s a beautiful world!

One thought on “That’s the Way the Garden Grows

  1. That was an excellent idea, showing the stages of the pepper. It is a beautiful color. I can’t wait to find out what they taste like! So much good stuff is going on in the garden, it’s exciting. I’m just like a kid at Christmas!

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