Zucchini Season!

This morning I picked another zucchini from the garden that was longer than my kitchen knife, and there’s another on the plant that will be there in another day or two. With more rains to come, there are soon going to be more zucchinis to pick, and that means one thing: zucchini bread! My fiancé … More Zucchini Season!

Domestic Disturbance

From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt “The Mysterious Call” The shrill ring of the phone jars me awake, but not so much that I don’t fumble for my phone on the nightstand. “‘llow?” I mumble. I can hear a great deal of commotion on the other end of the line, and a muffled voice … More Domestic Disturbance

Haunting Memory

From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt “Doomed Love” The bustle of the city streets was almost comforting as I was easily able to lose myself in the crowd and numbly go about my commute. Five blocks from my flat to the subway, across town then three blocks to my office. The daily grind was … More Haunting Memory

2015 Solstice Festival

There’s a small little annual gathering in Shippensburg that we went off to this morning: The Solstice Festival. They hold it at the township park, and I would describe it as an arts festival. There were photographers, painters, blown glass, and even one artist with metal sculptures. There were also a couple food vendors, of … More 2015 Solstice Festival

Summer Rains

This week (the last couple, actually) have brought us some really good rain. After so long in the desert it’s hard for me to argue with any rain at all. I love it. The smell, the light shows, the way the Earth rejuvenates following the storms. It also really helps the garden to take off. … More Summer Rains

Signed: Anonymous

This was based on the Writer’s Digest Creative writing prompt “From Random Page to Story” which was to open a book, magazine, or (in my case) newspaper to a random page and start a story with the first line on the page and end the story with the last line at the bottom of the … More Signed: Anonymous

Bombs Away!

From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt “Rude Awakening” “Get up. That’s right you, with the face. Get up!” A kick to my ribs punctuates the demand, dragging me back into the world from the black abyss of unconsciousness. The very blurry world. I blink several times, trying to clear my vision as my mind … More Bombs Away!