Unexpected Neighbors

We’ve had a lot of different animals come visiting in the yard, especially since we put out a pile of corn and sunflower seeds for the birds, squirrels, and rabbits. Occasional fish guts or chicken bones can bring in the rare visit from our nocturnal scavengers, possums. But for the past week, we haven’t been … More Unexpected Neighbors

Starlings’ Ballet

(From the Day 11 November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge promt, to write an “animal” poem.) Together they dance across the sky. Thousands, as one… Twisting… Twirling… An aerial waltz, spinning to make formations, living clouds on feathered wing. Their murmuration a thing of wonder. I know not why or how but they are Nature’s … More Starlings’ Ballet

Winter’s Skeleton

(As promised, Day 5‘s Poem. The prompt was to write a “festive” poem…festived turned into season, and this response was born. Hope you enjoy!) 🙂 Skeletons beside the road, their colorful skins shed to the ground. Arms raised skyward, gnarled fingers reaching for the moon. Winter’s cold blanket cloaks, calms the skeletons. The sky answers … More Winter’s Skeleton

Share the Mountains

When my family was visiting a couple weeks ago, one thing that Dylan and I really wanted to do was show them the wedding venue that we’ve picked out. I knew this would be a difficult thing for my parents, especially my father, as I was raised Mormon but Dylan isn’t. The site we’ve chosen … More Share the Mountains

Woodland Picture

(From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt It’s Not About Me) Early morning sun lights the sky and earth below. Animals wake and run everywhere. So much for them to do Each morning, new challenges arise. Eat. Forage. Drink. Run. The hunt begins. Eagles may soar, but deer cannot fly. Ever vigilant they must be, … More Woodland Picture

Heron Haiku

Great Blue Herons habit the marsh at work, though last year I saw a lot more of them. I blame the construction that’s going on. Now…on to my lil poem…🙂 Great blue herons seen In the swampy marsh today— Second, third this year.

Night Music

I may not be a night owl But I hear the night time sounds. A symphony will play for Me each time the sun goes down. Crickets play their violins. The cicadas have woodwinds. Katydid strums on her harp As leaves on the trees fill in. The industrial complex On t’other river side adds to … More Night Music

Our First Watermelon

This year, Nancy and I tried to grow watermelons in the garden. *Tried* being the key word. We didn’t know if we had the climate or a long enough season for them, but we figured why not? The plants have been so-so the whole season. They were slow to sprout (veeeeery slow) and there have … More Our First Watermelon

Real Life Charlotte

I grew up on the children’s books by E.B. White. I think many my age did, and I hope they still do. I fell in love with those stories, fanciful tales of personified creatures. On occasion I can be heard referencing Trumpet of the Swan (graceful, like a moose), and I’m sure I’m not the … More Real Life Charlotte