Beyond an Echo

(From Day 25 of the Writer’s Digest November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge. As I catch up on these, they’ll be out of order as the inspiration comes. Hope you enjoy!) It took all her strength to admit she was wrong and had been since the beginning. After years of use, emotional abuse, she moved … More Beyond an Echo

First Meeting

(From the Day 13 November Poem A Day prompt, to write a “memory” poem.) I will never forget that day, walking toward the unknown. Never before did we meet face to face. A world away he seemed. To fly there, alone, they called me crazy, naïve. My nerves on edge, butterflies… Scared of what I’d … More First Meeting

Starlings’ Ballet

(From the Day 11 November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge promt, to write an “animal” poem.) Together they dance across the sky. Thousands, as one… Twisting… Twirling… An aerial waltz, spinning to make formations, living clouds on feathered wing. Their murmuration a thing of wonder. I know not why or how but they are Nature’s … More Starlings’ Ballet

Necessary Mistakes

(From the poetry prompt for Day 9 of the November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge, to write a “Mistake” poem…which this might well be. Let me know 😉 ) I look back often on choices I did make, on paths I did take, and wonder if… it was all a mistake. The should-haves, and could-haves… … More Necessary Mistakes


(From the prompt for Day 8 of the November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge, to write a “submerged” poem.) Seeking distraction into a reality not mine, I crack open the pages and dip my toes into the fantasy world. One step after another until the waters of fiction submerge me, envelope my senses. The magic … More Submerged

Simmer a Story

(From the prompt for Day 7 of the November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge, to write a “simmer down” poem. After a couple thousand words typed for NaNo, I needed a little break.) Ingredients gathered, I measure, Mix, Sort. Intrigue, Suspense, …Death. The balance precarious, I analyze the goal, the end product I seek to … More Simmer a Story

Between the Pages

(From the November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge Day 6. The prompt is to write a “being watched” poem.) Sometimes I wonder Is it real? Or was this world made for me, surrounding my moves? An invisible pen Crafting Guiding my life. My choices not mine as I’m trapped on a page. My struggles for … More Between the Pages

Winter’s Skeleton

(As promised, Day 5‘s Poem. The prompt was to write a “festive” poem…festived turned into season, and this response was born. Hope you enjoy!) 🙂 Skeletons beside the road, their colorful skins shed to the ground. Arms raised skyward, gnarled fingers reaching for the moon. Winter’s cold blanket cloaks, calms the skeletons. The sky answers … More Winter’s Skeleton

Once Upon a Paper

(Day 4 of the November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge) Once upon a scrap of paper An exotic world starts to form. Always excitement, one will harm in chaotic, crazy caper while love blooms in light of taper. Inspiration everywhere, large and small. House on a hill or barge floating free? What motivation do you … More Once Upon a Paper

United in Division

(This is from the Day 3 PAD Challenge, and to be honest, I didn’t put it up because I thought it needs a lot of work. But whatever. December is for revisions. So here’s my united/divided poem.) Tragedy struck, launched our nation into chaos. Fear and terror flourished. We banded together. United, our differences Unimportant. … More United in Division