Holidays are Here!

It’s two days until Christmas, and I still haven’t shopped for my husband. Mostly because I’m broke and have no idea what to get him within the budget of no money. (I can’t get him stuff like the new computer chair and range finder like I did last year.) It’s a good thing that I … More Holidays are Here!

Judgment Day

So Judgment Day came and went two days ago, and no, I’m not talking about the “Rapture.” Those of you who joined me Tuesday, I’m sure, already know I’m talking about the Shippensburg Community Fair judging of the home goods exhibits. I’m not even sure where to start. Entries….here goes. I entered purple jalapenos, yellow … More Judgment Day

Story Appeal

When I got home from work this afternoon and was scrolling through Netflix I discovered that Roman Holiday was available. I have loved this movie since high school and haven’t seen it in years so I selected it. And that got me thinking…. What makes a story? Yes, there’s the plot and characters, but if … More Story Appeal