Red Writing Hood

(From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt It’s My Story and I’ll Pitch if I Want To) “Mr. Lubo will see you now.” The teenage girl nods to the receptionist before stepping toward the office door. “It’s what Grandmother would have wanted,” she whispers to herself as she pushes the oak door inward. The office … More Red Writing Hood

If Walls Could Talk

(From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt No One Can See Me) I wait for them to come. They always do. The anniversary of when they discovered that the woman who lived here was not what she claimed. Nearly two hundred years since she was found out and they still come. I see their flashlights … More If Walls Could Talk

Into the Trap

(From the Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompt First Day of School and continuation of the stories Rat in a Maze and Mouse Trapped) They never said I would dream, but the only time I remember that is during those unconscious times. That’s the only time I remember anything beyond the current missions they wake me … More Into the Trap

Mouse Trapped

(From the Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompt Lunch Gone Wrong and a continuation of a previous story, Rat in a Maze) I’ll never get used to this…the waking up without knowledge of where I am or how I got here. While I don’t remember anything, the feeling is so familiar I know that I have … More Mouse Trapped

Out On A Ledge

(Based on the Writer’s Digest Creative Writing prompt Aunt Edna’s Money) A frigid edge laces the autumn wind, whipping my hair in my face and chilling the tears on my cheeks. The promise of impending winter fits this wretched week with a poetic morbidity fit for a bad country song. Six days ago I got … More Out On A Ledge

Door to Anywhere

(From the Writer’s Digest Writing Prompt Portal Games) “You know how this goes, Banks. Give me your badge and gun. Until the internal investigation is complete, you’re on administrative leave.” My captain looks solemn and regretful as he says the words to me. My hands are trembling and my palms are sweaty. I take a … More Door to Anywhere

A Deadly Gift

(From the Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompt An Unexpected Visitor) “Go home, Marcail. You’ve done enough for today.” I drop the scrub brush back in the bucket of hot, soapy water and slowly get to my feet. My back and knees scream in protest at the movement, as would be expected of someone twice my … More A Deadly Gift