Real Life Charlotte

I grew up on the children’s books by E.B. White. I think many my age did, and I hope they still do. I fell in love with those stories, fanciful tales of personified creatures. On occasion I can be heard referencing Trumpet of the Swan (graceful, like a moose), and I’m sure I’m not the … More Real Life Charlotte

2015 Corn Festival

I live in a tiny, quaint little town in south central Pennsylvania called Shippensburg. Founded in 1730, according to the borough website, it’s 2.5 square miles with a population of 5.5 thousand people. It’s got the small town feeling nailed down, complete with a couple little tables in a walkway that have chess (or checker) … More 2015 Corn Festival

Hummingbirds & Me

When I was in second grade, we had to do a report on an animal. I was told I couldn’t pick a unicorn or pegasus, so somehow, I ended up with hummingbirds. Ever since, when my mom sees a hummingbird something—anything!—she thinks of me, and often buys it for me. As far as hummingbird trinkets … More Hummingbirds & Me

Getting Serious

In my writing journey, I’ve picked out a favorite publication that I used to see my father reading when I was a kid.  In high school and college, my older sister started reading it too.  I only subscribed to it a few years ago, and it’s been my favorite magazine ever since. I’m talking, of … More Getting Serious

Doggy Doctor

Brooklyn loves going to the vet.  Okay, that’s not entirely true—he loves going for car rides.  I put his harness on, and out the door we go, which irritates Sasha when she doesn’t get to go as well.  She’s quite the jealous lil girl.  But I digress… When I first adopted Brooklyn, I had to … More Doggy Doctor

Battle’s Sorrow

The sounds of swords clashing echo across the valley as the battle wages on into its second day. The prince looks across the battlefield from the entrance of his command tent, disheartened by the massive loss of life. Bodies stacked on bodies, left to lie where they fell and died, sightless eyes staring out from … More Battle’s Sorrow

Colorful Limas?

Half the fun of growing a garden is sharing the bounty and even exchanging seeds with other gardeners. This year, Nancy was given some Hopi Lima bean seeds from her friend Sam, just to try something new. They got planted later than the other beans, but hey—they had to get here from Tennessee! The little … More Colorful Limas?