2015 Rural Life Festival

Today Nancy and I went to the annual Rural Life Festival that they hold in Newburg. Like the Solstice Festival, it wasn’t a huge event, but it was very interesting. The first thing we came up on was a few old cars (when I mean old, I mean almost 90 years old). I absolutely love the style of these. When we were leaving, we chatted with theowner of this one, and he said it’s able to achieve 70mph! That’s really something for a 1927 Buick.


We went looking around at some of the displays that were set up. There were old tools, farm antiques, miniature engines, and funny gadgets that you’d never know what they were by the looks of them. The gentleman at that display had fun making a guessing game of it, teasing us that the peach pitter was a diet spoon (it was about half the width of a baby spoon with a pointy tip). A couple displays down from him there were mini pumps in different shapes that were of polished brass. Very pretty handiwork.


At the far edge of the layout, they had a blacksmith shop setup. As we watched, they put the iron into the coal to heat it, then clamped it and began to hammer away at it. In the age of all these machines, this is one of those things that is becoming a lost art. It was really neat to see that!


The pavilion was where they were making and selling scrapple (no, I still haven’t tried it), and at another table they were selling loaves of fresh, homemade wheat bread. Yum! I couldn’t pass that up! This was also where they had a kids’ “Tractor Pull” using a small pedal-car in the shape of a tractor that they hooked the sled onto. The kids were able to compete, and they even announced the winners by age categories during lunch.


They had more fun things for the kids too. There was a little maze for them to go through, and I saw children of all ages going through it. There was also a little “train” ride. No there were no tracks, but they had a small lawn tractor as the engine with about a dozen barrels one their sides: linked up, openings cut in with seats added, and wheels. You could tell the young man driving it was having a heap of fun as he snaked around, making circles and doing laps around the area. There was also a big wagon, pulled by two draft horses that you could go for a ride in. All in all, it was a cute little festival with some very interesting things. My favorite part? Well, as I said in my first couple blogs….I do adore the horses.



One thought on “2015 Rural Life Festival

  1. It was fun! And if the pans of scrapple hadn’t been so big, I would have bought one and we would have fried some. The bread is so good. And you got to see a lot of horses!

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