Artificial Motivation

I know it happens to all of us…those days that you just don’t have the energy to do any more than the bare minimum.  Unfortunately for me, that’s been every day at work since last Friday…at least.  I feel sluggish and slow, tired and completely void of all motivation.

I wish I knew what causes this, as my best guesses for now are too much overtime and not enough sleep or exercise or caffeine.  Even tonight I’ll be working four hours extra at the end of my shift, all the while reminding myself I have a wedding to pay for.  I always have had a problem with the all-or-nothing mentality.

Somewhere between my yawns, I have managed to form the idea for this week’s writing prompt, though I don’t think it’ll be completed for a day or two.  I’m still wrestling with last week’s poetic form, and I don’t see me finishing that until I can clear the cotton from my brain.

From my understanding, this is the prefect time of year for that, with Mabon tomorrow.  I’ve wanted to learn to meditate for years but never bothered to do anything about it, and this may be just the motivation I need.  Concentrate on balance, of all aspects.  Something I think I’ll start by not taking overtime next week.

Until then, I’ll get by with fake motivation.  That is—I hope—going to be enough to drag myself through another work week.

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