NaNoWriMo Nerves

So here I sit on my front porch awaiting Trick-or-Treaters so I can give them lots of free (for them!) candy, and it’s starting to dawn on me that National Novel Writing Month—which I did officially sign up as a participant—will be beginning in about five hours. I’m nervous as I’ve ever been for any … More NaNoWriMo Nerves

Misplaced Shoulds

Before we got to today’s poem (the Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt 329), I wanted to let you guys know my first post as a guest is up! As you remember, Marge Cutter was my guest blogger not long ago, and now I’ve been a guest on hers! On her blog, you can find my … More Misplaced Shoulds

Share the Mountains

When my family was visiting a couple weeks ago, one thing that Dylan and I really wanted to do was show them the wedding venue that we’ve picked out. I knew this would be a difficult thing for my parents, especially my father, as I was raised Mormon but Dylan isn’t. The site we’ve chosen … More Share the Mountains

Woodland Picture

(From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt It’s Not About Me) Early morning sun lights the sky and earth below. Animals wake and run everywhere. So much for them to do Each morning, new challenges arise. Eat. Forage. Drink. Run. The hunt begins. Eagles may soar, but deer cannot fly. Ever vigilant they must be, … More Woodland Picture

Holiday in Rome

(A second take on the Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 328) What would you do if you could do what you want for a whole day? Ignore advice and what they say, to have your fun e’en if you should attend your duties for the good of family and country—your home? Ride a scooter with … More Holiday in Rome

Story Appeal

When I got home from work this afternoon and was scrolling through Netflix I discovered that Roman Holiday was available. I have loved this movie since high school and haven’t seen it in years so I selected it. And that got me thinking…. What makes a story? Yes, there’s the plot and characters, but if … More Story Appeal

River of Secrets

(From the Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 328) Voices. So many…speaking To me. Their cries echo in my mind, Haunting… Secrets. Too many they have. I know. They come for me In twos Gloved hands To take back The secrets in my head. Not safe No more—for them, Those that hid us. Where e’er we … More River of Secrets

Best Foot Forward

(From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt Funny Feet…I almost didn’t do this one, but a coworker talked me into not giving up so here goes…) I plop myself down in my desk chair, my head still pounding. I down a couple aspirin with a sip from my Mondays Suck coffee cup as I fire … More Best Foot Forward

Passive No More

(From the Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 327) As time went by, I’d sit, And wait… For what? For “life” to start—too scared to act alone. Timid and shy Did only what they thought right. My Peace lost, just out of reach. Dreams tucked away, Unspoken. Fear of failure Disapproval Kept me muzzled for too … More Passive No More