Winter’s Skeleton

(As promised, Day 5‘s Poem. The prompt was to write a “festive” poem…festived turned into season, and this response was born. Hope you enjoy!) 🙂 Skeletons beside the road, their colorful skins shed to the ground. Arms raised skyward, gnarled fingers reaching for the moon. Winter’s cold blanket cloaks, calms the skeletons. The sky answers … More Winter’s Skeleton

Crafty Critters

Our back yard faces the woods, and so we end up will all manners of wildlife coming through. There are countless types of birds that you can see on a routine basis, if you can identify them. Right now we’ve even got a Jenny Wren nesting in one of the little houses hung up on … More Crafty Critters

Autumn Days

With the arrival of November, it seems that autumn is finally arriving to my little corner of Texas. Looking around you certainly wouldn’t know it. Just looking out the window it could easily still be the height of summer. The days are still filled with sunshine and we’re still reaching daytime temperatures in the mid-70’s. … More Autumn Days