Judgment Day

So Judgment Day came and went two days ago, and no, I’m not talking about the “Rapture.” Those of you who joined me Tuesday, I’m sure, already know I’m talking about the Shippensburg Community Fair judging of the home goods exhibits. I’m not even sure where to start. Entries….here goes. I entered purple jalapenos, yellow … More Judgment Day

2015 Corn Festival

I live in a tiny, quaint little town in south central Pennsylvania called Shippensburg. Founded in 1730, according to the borough website, it’s 2.5 square miles with a population of 5.5 thousand people. It’s got the small town feeling nailed down, complete with a couple little tables in a walkway that have chess (or checker) … More 2015 Corn Festival

2015 Fair Fun

Friday and Saturday were our days at the Shippensburg Fair, and there’s lots of fun to be had, not to mention lots of good food. When we went Friday, as I previously mentioned, I was impatient and had to go straight to the homegoods buildings to check my entries. After that was dinner. They’ve got … More 2015 Fair Fun

Independence Day

Independence Day was always a big deal in my family as I was growing up. Not for barbecues and parties, but as a day to consciously remember where our nation came from. Dad would read the Declaration of Independence, and often we’d also watch 1776, which is still one of my favorite movies to this … More Independence Day

2015 Solstice Festival

There’s a small little annual gathering in Shippensburg that we went off to this morning: The Solstice Festival. They hold it at the township park, and I would describe it as an arts festival. There were photographers, painters, blown glass, and even one artist with metal sculptures. There were also a couple food vendors, of … More 2015 Solstice Festival