New Blooms

It was back in May that I planted Gladiolus bulbs out front of the house with hopes of beautiful flowers filling that space. When they started to sprout their leaves, I was going out daily to count the number that had started growing, and after a few weeks, all had made their appearance. Unfortunately, with … More New Blooms

Haunting Memory

From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt “Doomed Love” The bustle of the city streets was almost comforting as I was easily able to lose myself in the crowd and numbly go about my commute. Five blocks from my flat to the subway, across town then three blocks to my office. The daily grind was … More Haunting Memory

Summer Rains

This week (the last couple, actually) have brought us some really good rain. After so long in the desert it’s hard for me to argue with any rain at all. I love it. The smell, the light shows, the way the Earth rejuvenates following the storms. It also really helps the garden to take off. … More Summer Rains

Waiting For Monday

I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone, but for me it seems that I can be excited and overjoyed but still panicked out of my gourd at the same time. I stand on the edge of something that I’ve been wanting and working toward for a long time—specifics of location for half a … More Waiting For Monday