Doggy Doctor

Brooklyn loves going to the vet.  Okay, that’s not entirely true—he loves going for car rides.  I put his harness on, and out the door we go, which irritates Sasha when she doesn’t get to go as well.  She’s quite the jealous lil girl.  But I digress… When I first adopted Brooklyn, I had to … More Doggy Doctor

The Tzarina

I’d had Brooklyn for a little more than half a year and had been thinking about getting him a “friend” to run around the yard with, so he’d have company while I was working. I hadn’t yet made up my mind when our animal control officer picked up a small, underfed pit bull puppy. She … More The Tzarina

My Drooly Baby

When I got my house in El Paso, I finally had room for a dog. And I knew just the kind of dog I wanted. A German Shepherd. Typical cop dog. I looked at different rescues, breeders, but it wasn’t until one of the MPs I was working with was about to move and couldn’t … More My Drooly Baby