Out On A Ledge

(Based on the Writer’s Digest Creative Writing prompt Aunt Edna’s Money) A frigid edge laces the autumn wind, whipping my hair in my face and chilling the tears on my cheeks. The promise of impending winter fits this wretched week with a poetic morbidity fit for a bad country song. Six days ago I got … More Out On A Ledge

How the River Flows

(From the Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt 362, to capture a scene from a movie or book.) As Simon falls the River turns pushed to the breaking point. She faces the anger— the rage-filled beings that no longer reason. Blast door close, sealing her fate in the eyes of those she was with. Her movements … More How the River Flows

Possibilities Rise

(So I’ve really been slacking recently, so I’m going to get back into the weekly prompts. This poem comes from the Writer’s Digest poetry prompt 361 to write an uplifting poem. I hope my rusty attempt isn’t too painful!) An empty page A blank canvas Stares back, full of potential. Bit by bit Stained by … More Possibilities Rise

Door to Anywhere

(From the Writer’s Digest Writing Prompt Portal Games) “You know how this goes, Banks. Give me your badge and gun. Until the internal investigation is complete, you’re on administrative leave.” My captain looks solemn and regretful as he says the words to me. My hands are trembling and my palms are sweaty. I take a … More Door to Anywhere

A Deadly Gift

(From the Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompt An Unexpected Visitor) “Go home, Marcail. You’ve done enough for today.” I drop the scrub brush back in the bucket of hot, soapy water and slowly get to my feet. My back and knees scream in protest at the movement, as would be expected of someone twice my … More A Deadly Gift

Beyond an Echo

(From Day 25 of the Writer’s Digest November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge. As I catch up on these, they’ll be out of order as the inspiration comes. Hope you enjoy!) It took all her strength to admit she was wrong and had been since the beginning. After years of use, emotional abuse, she moved … More Beyond an Echo


I did it! Late on Thanksgiving night, I reached the aspired to fifty-thousand word mark on my NaNoNovel, thereby making me a “winner” of the 2015 NaNo games. All I have to say is… !!!!! I was so excited! This is the furthest I’ve ever gotten on a single project before. When I reached the … More #NaNoWinner2015

First Meeting

(From the Day 13 November Poem A Day prompt, to write a “memory” poem.) I will never forget that day, walking toward the unknown. Never before did we meet face to face. A world away he seemed. To fly there, alone, they called me crazy, naïve. My nerves on edge, butterflies… Scared of what I’d … More First Meeting