Off They Go!

The garden has been doing beautifully, with the tomatoes again reaching 7ft. Last year they didn’t go so high because of a disagreement they were having with a little baby black walnut tree that was too close and was stunting their growth. With the tree gone and the soil fortified with egg shells, the tomatoes … More Off They Go!

Zucchini Season!

This morning I picked another zucchini from the garden that was longer than my kitchen knife, and there’s another on the plant that will be there in another day or two. With more rains to come, there are soon going to be more zucchinis to pick, and that means one thing: zucchini bread! My fiancĂ© … More Zucchini Season!

Summer Rains

This week (the last couple, actually) have brought us some really good rain. After so long in the desert it’s hard for me to argue with any rain at all. I love it. The smell, the light shows, the way the Earth rejuvenates following the storms. It also really helps the garden to take off. … More Summer Rains