Holidays are Here!

It’s two days until Christmas, and I still haven’t shopped for my husband. Mostly because I’m broke and have no idea what to get him within the budget of no money. (I can’t get him stuff like the new computer chair and range finder like I did last year.) It’s a good thing that I have today off work so I can browse stores in an attempt to get something for this wonderful man.

Looking outside you’d never know it’s that close to Christmas. We got a dusting of snow and some freezing rain last week, but other than that it’s still in the 40’s (supposed to be 45 on Sunday….so not right!). When in El Paso, that was always a problem for me this time of year. It just didn’t feel like Christmas when it was that warm out.

When I was going to church, there was the Christmas Carols that we sang during the meetings. And since I can’t get one radio station the whole way from home to work, I have to go old school. I gave up my podcasts the past couple days in exchange for Trans-Siberian Orchestra cds.

There’s always something about it the first time I hear it for the season. It’s a very strong emotional response. I don’t know how to describe it, other than using the same terminology you’ll hear from religious folks talking about the holy spirit. My heart swells and I’m filled with joy. Their music touches me in a way that is unique, the feeling rarely duplicated by any other music.

We went and saw them in concert last year, and that was truly awesome. I was surprised that Dylan suggested it, because every time I have their music on in the car, he says something about changing it. I’d wanted to see them for years though, so I eagerly said absolutely I wanted to go.

Totes worth it. (If you ever get a chance to see them, do it!!)

So as I run around today, trying to shop with no money for my husband, I’ll be working on getting in the spirit of the holiday by blasting my symphonic rock holiday music. I wish you all a happy holiday season, whichever it is that you choose to celebrate.


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