The Shadowy Line

All my life I spent in the Dark.
Never Seeing



For myself.

I always listened to the Truths of others,
Trusting them to guide me,

Keep me from going astray

Protect me in my naivete

Lest I stumble.

A sliver of Light, so far away.
I run in the Dark



but continue on.

I’d heard so long of it’s wonder.
It brings Vision,



I’m almost there.

I reach out a hand to grasp this bright thing.
It flares in my palm,



Gone in a flash.

I look to others around in confusion and pain.
Their Lights are docile,

obeying their whims,

opening their minds,

Not scorching as mine.

No longer in Darkness but scared by the Light,
I watch from the shadows,

too intimidated to move forward

too aware to retreat.

I ask myself, What now?

7 thoughts on “The Shadowy Line

  1. You have accurately described what so many people feel as they attempt to figure out their place in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully, in my “old” age, I have grown past those doubts (most of the time!), but vividly remember them. The angst of uncertainty did eventually give way to a clearer understanding of who I am, but it took awhile. There is hope!

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