“It’s Nothing to Worry About!”

That’s what he said. And by he, I mean my fairly new friend and wedding videographer, Alex Goodlive. Dylan and I met Alex when we were looking for an affordable option to get our wedding ceremony recorded. After an email to a photography and videography listing in the yellow pages inquiring about their rates, I was informed that they didn’t provide that service, “but here are three that do.” Alex was one of these, and the only one with a reasonable price. ($1500 starting for a video? I don’t think so! I’d rather hire that monkey from the Fair and hand her my cell phone!)

After the wedding, my mom wanted a copy of the video and asked that I also send a copy to my aunt, who we hadn’t planned on sending copies to as they were there at the ceremony. When I talked to Alex about the added cost, his reply was, “Hey no big deal, just sponsor my podcast for a couple months.” I’m all for helping out friends in their creative ventures, so I did. Then I figured if I was going to sponsor it, I should listen to it, at least once.

The first episode I listened to was episode 40, in which they had Shawn Coss of the comic “Cyanide and Happiness” visiting with them. I was listening while doing my hour of PT at work, and was having a hard time keeping my mind on my exercise as I was laughing so much. A couple episodes later they interviewed someone who was at the Paris terror attacks, and in another couple episodes they had on a veteran who talked about PTSD and fireworks.

Recording Episode 51 while also getting to befriend a little kitten (Photo by Alex Goodlive)
Recording Episode 51 while also getting to befriend a little kitten (Photo by Alex Goodlive)

Then, according to both Alex and his co-host Brian the Fuzzy, I did something crazy and increased the amount with which I was sponsoring their show. With that, Alex invited me to come on any time…so I did. I went over last Thursday and rambled about my Mormon roots, my pagan wedding, and how I met my sweetheart through a video game. The whole day leading up to it I was nervous, and during I kept losing my train of thought. (“Wait, what was I saying?….oh right…”) I rambled so much, in fact, that we never got around to a few of the things that we were going to talk about, this blog being one of them. So he says I’ll have to come back. I’m thinking I killed his listenership (I don’t think that’s a word, but I’m going to pretend on this one), so he may want to reconsider.

If you want to hear me ramble about I-don’t-even-remember-what-because-I-was-so-nervous, you can find that here: Inciting Incident #51. While on one hand I’m not sure I want to listen to this one as I’m sure I’ll hate hearing my own voice for an hour, on the other I do have a morbid curiosity about it, even though I was there. (Is that weird? A little narcissistic? Do I need counseling? Probably…) Even if you don’t wanna hear me—and who could rightly blame you?—they do have a bunch of awesome episodes where they talk everything from movies to serious issues. If you do check them out, let me know you you like them. (And follow their Facebook page! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!)


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