The Monkey On My Back

Sugar is my bane. I’ve had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember. Donuts (typical cop, I know…), cupcakes, ice cream. With how hot it’s been this week, the latter of those has been calling to me. So…..even though I’ve been trying to avoid such delicious calorific treats, after I checked the results of my Fair entries and got Dylan his ox roast sandwiches, I made my way over to the lovely little stand that sells Hershey’s Ice Cream.

img_20160726_181010165_hdr.jpgThere, beside the ice cream stand, was a gentleman in a top hat and multi-colored vest. On his shoulder was the cutest little monkey in an outfit matching his vest. I got my ice cream, then stood by and watched the monkey interacting with the children. He would instruct them to hold their offered dollar very still, then he’d tell the monkey, “Django, get your dollar.” She would walk down his arm and take the dollar from the child (half the time putting it in her mouth once she grabbed it), then at her human’s command, she would place the money into her cup that hung by the gentleman’s side.

After that, he would have the child hold their hand out flat, palm up. “Don’t move, or she’ll think you want to play,” he would tell them. Once they said that they would stay still, he would hold his hand down close to theirs. “Django, slap five.” At that command, the monkey would scurry down and tap the child’s hand with her fingers. There was one girl who was so excited about it, that the monkey started jumping, all excited to play. After giving the kids five, the monkey would sit on her human’s hand above the kid’s shoulder and pose for a picture, or, for a couple of the older kids, she would actually sit on their shoulder.

When I saw that I could have my picture taken with the monkey, I just had to find someone kind enough to hold my phone and snap the picture, as I was there alone. I presented Django a dollar, and next I got to shake her hand, rather than get the high five. “Wait for her to present her hand, then you can shake it, but don’t pull,” I was told. It was so cool, taking her tiny little hand in mine. I didn’t blame the girl for being so excited about it just minutes earlier.

img_20160726_192056.jpg Then came the part I couldn’t wait for. Django climbed onto my shoulder and her handler told her to look at the camera. I wish I could have stayed longer, had her perched there for more than just the thirty seconds or so it took to get the picture, but I’m so excited that I even had that opportunity to begin with.

So next time someone says, “get that monkey off your back!” I’ll just remember how fun it was to have the monkey there.


6 thoughts on “The Monkey On My Back

  1. I didn’t get her to sit on me cos at the time I got there, he was just leaving to take a break. I was glad to hear that in that heat we had, he only keeps her out for a while, and then takes her to the car to cool off and get away from people for a while. She is so cute!

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