Judgment Day

So Judgment Day came and went two days ago, and no, I’m not talking about the “Rapture.” Those of you who joined me Tuesday, I’m sure, already know I’m talking about the Shippensburg Community Fair judging of the home goods exhibits.

I’m not even sure where to start. Entries….here goes. I entered purple jalapenos, yellow pear tomatoes, ripe Indigo Blueberry cherry tomatoes, green Indigo Blueberry cherry tomatoes, a pair of earrings, chocolate chip cookies, five photographs, and my African Violet. Whew! It’s starting to sound like the twelve days of Christmas…in 90-degree weather with “oppressive” humidity (I didn’t make that up—the weather guy called it that).

So Tuesday I dropped off cookies in the morning and the judging for that started at 1pm. The other entries were dropped off on Monday and judging for them started Tuesday morning and went on all day. The building they’re all displayed in were opened to the public at 4pm.

The fairgrounds isn’t far from our house (approximately a half mile from house to the display buildings, if my Fitbit is accurate), so I just walked over to check the status of my entries. I was met with a bit of initial disappointment when I saw that neither of my cherry tomatoes had taken anything and my jalapenos this year dropped to third. But my pear tomatoes took first! Of my five photos, only one was awarded a ribbon—second place for the floral category.

The African Violets
The African Violets
That was it for the first building so I moved into the second and went to the left corner where they have am enclosed display case for the smaller items, namely the jewelry entries. My earrings took third. I wandered down the plant aisle and saw my violet, sitting proudly with its first place ribbon displayed. I was surprised how few violets were entered this year as I remembered seeing more than that last year.

Baked goods auction
Baked goods auction
The last thing I entered was the hardest to find amongst the other entries. I had to search the baked goods tables and shelves a few times before I finally found my chocolate chip cookie entry, but it was worth it. A little red ribbon was awarded it.

Now after the baked goods are judged, they have tables and tables of cakes and cookies and pies and breads and muffins…so what do they do? They have an auction to get rid of it all. I stood around and watched part of it, which was fun. They had Little Miss Shippensburg helping out by carrying the item being auctioned around for people to see it. My cookies were on the second to last table of goods to be auctioned, so I didn’t stick around that long as it was very hot, crowded, and had little to no air movement.

It was a fun thing to just watch for a little while, before heading off to get Dylan his ox roast sandwiches that he gets every year. And while I was disappointed that more of my photos didn’t win, I’m still bringing home six ribbons, two of which are blue.

All in all, it was a pretty good Judgment Day.


3 thoughts on “Judgment Day

  1. There’s a lot of items entered every year, so the competition is always hard. But to get 6 ribbons, two of which were first place…you did very well! Next year….your petunias and glads are prettier than the ones that were there this year. And there will always be more vegetables to enter. And more pictures to take. Congratulations on all your ribbons.

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