Having a Fair Time

I can’t believe that it’s already that time again. The last week in July, which means the Shippensburg Community Fair. As with last year, I entered a few things from the garden, a couple photos, and a pair of earrings. However, I didn’t stop there.

Had to move my violet into an 8.8" flowerpot!
Had to move my violet into an 8.8″ flowerpot!

I also entered my African Violet that is somehow still holding on, and thriving, actually! I had to re-pot it a couple months ago as it overgrew its old home. It was very exciting! I got several compliments on it even as I brought it in to drop it off yesterday morning.

Now when I say I entered a couple things from the garden, it was a couple more than last year. Last year I entered my purple jalapenos and my Indigo Blueberry Cherry Tomatoes, which I did again this year. But I also entered my Indigo Blueberries under the “Cherry Tomatoes – Green” category, as well as the red, which is cool as that was it really does show off the purple tint they get from the sunshine. Add my little yellow pear cherry tomatoes, and I entered four different vegetables. I planned on entering my purple bell peppers as well, but every one of them ended up having some kind of weird brown spots on them, and the white tomatoes (which are really cool looking!) just aren’t ripening yet (only one so far, and I needed 5 to enter).

This year I was planning out my photographs, so I knew which ones I was going to enter when the time came. At last year’s exhibit, a lady gave me the advice to print the pictures bigger than the 5×7 that I did, so I went with 8×10 when I went down to the local Wally World to have the prints made. On a little side note, I was surprised when the guy working at the photo counter made me sign a copyright waiver giving permission to print them as he found them to be professional quality. I’m trying to keep that from getting my hopes up that I scored a ribbon on them, as photography is supposed to be one of the most competitive categories there at the fair.

Orange cranberry walnut chocolate chip cookies!
Orange cranberry walnut chocolate chip cookies!
Another first for my entries this year were my signature chocolate chip cookies with craisins and walnuts. I dropped those off this morning before heading to the hospital to pick up Dylan (that’s a story for another blog post, but just know that he’s doing fine).

Now I’m all anxious and impatient, because I’m off work and the Home Products building will be open to the public in seven minutes. So, dear readers, I’m going to say goodbye for now, so I can run my hyper self over there to see if I scored on any of my exhibits. You can bet there will be a followup once I get home!

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Having a Fair Time

  1. Those cookies, they are so good….you said several might find their way to my house…….. 🙂 . Now you will need to write an addendum with your Fair results!

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