Exercise Encounter of the Third Kind

To be honest, if you ask any of my coworkers what they like about where we work, it’s going to be a short list. The best thing is definitely being able to take an hour—while still on paid status—to go exercise three times a week. It’s something I’ve tried to take advantage of, especially recently since I had to take my annual PT (physical training) test last week.

Prepping for that, I decided I really needed to work on my upper body strength (pushups is hard!), so I started bringing my yoga mat and 10lb dumbbells. On those days that I got my hour of PT, I would then go find a grassy, secluded spot so that any passers-by couldn’t see me to laugh at my very ugly attempts at pushups.

My little PT setup...almost took me back to my Army days.
My little PT setup…almost took me back to my Army days.

Now when weights are concerned, it doesn’t take much to tire me to the point of not being able to do any more repetitions in the set, but that’s to be expected since I have to break out an electron microscope to find any evidence that I have any sort of muscles. One thing I knew I needed to strengthen for my pushups was my lower back. Every time, around the 10th one, I could feel my back wanting to give up on the whole straight-line form. One of my coworkers suggested dead lifts, so I started including that in my back and shoulders days.

So last Monday I took my hour, went to my little spot, and was shocked to see that it was occupied. Knowing that by the end of a workout I smell bad enough already, I decided to leave the black and white striped critter alone and go for a walk instead.

Tuesday I went again, and the skunk wasn’t there. I see them all over, so I figured that he moved on to a different yard, and started my routine. About halfway through my hour, in between a set of dead lifts, I looked over and see the skunk less than ten yards away, staring at me. Once I saw him, he turned around and scurried into a hold leading under the trailer-style building.

I started my next set, but a couple reps in I saw him poke his head out to stare at me again, but retreated when he saw I was still there. This happened again before I decided the wise choice was to leave the immediate area, so once I finished that set, I picked up my mat, weights, water, cell phone, and keys and moved to the far end next to the parking lot. He came out almost as soon as I moved, but every once in a while would stop his foraging in the grass to look at me.


The next day my coworker told me that the skunk had brought in reinforcements and was looking for me. I was also told that they’re just curious, so I should be fine as long as I don’t run at them. Thursday, there were two of them, and they actually came out to do their thing rather than run away when they saw me. They would just stop every once in a while to look at me. I’m not sure if they were making sure I was still exercising or if they were laughing at my form. Could be either one, I suppose.

But that’s what workout partners are for.


10 thoughts on “Exercise Encounter of the Third Kind

  1. Oh my you had me laughing, not about you having skunk encounters, but just the way you tell it. I hope your skunk luck continues to hold out, or they decide you’re not interesting and move on.

  2. I know nothing about skunks, but what I do know is to keep my distance. My dog, on the other hand, knows no such thing. I take it that you passed your annual PT.

    1. I did, and my lieutenant said my form has improved since last time (which was only a few months ago because of my injury last summer). Don’t let Ollie get too close! I don’t think he’d like the pink after the tomato juice bath.

  3. Funny Stuff! You think that the stinky makes you a peer? Perhaps thats why they leer and jeer and now even cheer!
    If I were a seer, I’d predict that next time you’re near you should bring some beer!—maybe they’ll join you over there in the rear. 🙂

    1. I do not have beer in the house, not even a tiny one for a mouse. The smell alone can make me gag, perhaps that makes me a boring hag. The way the skunks waddle as they run sure makes watching them lots of fun! If you scare them so they spray, sure will be your unlucky day!

  4. OK, I’ll play this game of wordplay today! It’s midday here, so hooray, hooray! When stinky skunks plague your pathway…don’t dismay, run away! Grab your stuff and sashay away from their odious bouquet, and don’t come back another day. Smelly skunk spray is definitely not child’s play. So, tomorrow before your push-up field day, scout out the greenway, with eyes and nose and look for a hideaway to hide away from your new smelly friend’s grassy buffet! Have a GREAT day!!!

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