Worth More Than Words

​Two years ago, we laid my Uncle William to rest. There had been a risky surgery to save his life, but after improvements there was a sudden and final turn for the worse. Dad had a lot to deal with, trying to get through government red tape to have his brother’s body transported to Utah so he could be burried in the same cemetery as their sister.

The memorial ceremony was small, as Uncle William lived in California for at least the last four decades, but a few family members amd friends who remembered his annual visits were able to come out. Given how difficult this was for me, I can’t imagine how it must have been for Dad now that both his siblings had passed on.

Before we left the cemetery, my brother followed our Dad’s and cousins’ examples and placed his boutonniere on the casket. I managed to snap a picture of it, which still fills me with mourning when I look at it.

I was able to share this beautiful yet heartbreaking moment with others ladt year, as I entered this picture in the local fair. I like to think that for the week while the photo was displayed, others were able to relate, sympathize, and maybe even reflect on their relationships and family.

Amd maybe even realize that we’re all in this Humanity thing together.


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