I did it! Late on Thanksgiving night, I reached the aspired to fifty-thousand word mark on my NaNoNovel, thereby making me a “winner” of the 2015 NaNo games. All I have to say is…


I was so excited! This is the furthest I’ve ever gotten on a single project before. When I reached the 45,000 word mark, I began wondering if I would even reach the word goal by the end of the story. I feared I was running out of material to turn into words. With a lot of encouragement from coworkers, fiance, and my new friends from the platform challenge, I soldiered on.

But winning in NaNo isn’t the end. You still have to finish the book. So this morning, while my fiance was still sleeping, I started working on it. I finished it a little while after he got up. I couldn’t believe it. I was done.

Final word count at the end of my very rough draft.

I’ve had coworkers asking when they can read it, and my sister was hinting that she wants to as well, when she comes out for the wedding in May. The truth of the matter is, it is far from done. The first draft is complete, yes, but…there is a lot of work that still needs to go into it before anyone can read it. I’ve got POV jumps, tense slips, and plot details that all need to be hammered into place during the coming months.

And I’m looking forward to it more than I should, were I to be considered sane. But I just finished a novel in four weeks, which I do believe qualifies me for insanity status. (It’s okay…there’s no psych eval at work!) Now it’s time to let it rest, take a break from it so when I print it out to read and edit, I’ll be looking at it with fresh eyes. And now that I’m not stuck hip-deep in a novel, I can get back to poeming and blogging. I missed that part of my writing while I was wrapped up in this madness.

And the really crazy thing… I can’t wait until next year, to do it all over again with a new story!


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