Necessary Mistakes

(From the poetry prompt for Day 9 of the November Poem A Day Chapbook Challenge, to write a “Mistake” poem…which this might well be. Let me know 😉 )

I look back often
on choices I did make,
on paths I did take,
and wonder if…
it was all a mistake.
The should-haves,
and could-haves…
I second-guess myself.
I never considered
the butterfly
effecting me,
or where I would be
if I chose things
But then I remind myself
even the past I regret
and wish to forget
shaped me into
the woman I am.
So I try to be grateful
for my decisions,
even when I say
“I shouldn’t have gone that way.”
I don’t know where
I would be…
doubtfully here.
But here is where I’m happy to be.


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