The Voices Within

(Day 2 of the November PAD Challenge)

They harass me
Stealing my sleep,
Interrupting my dreams.
Concentration lost.
I can’t.
They won’t let me
until I surrender
…to them.

My excuses pile up
too busy
committments more pressing.
I think at times I have
found peace
…from them.

But ever they return
Demanding to be heard.
Weary of resisting
I surrender,
at last,
and reach for the tools
to set them free.

With pen in hand,
they live at last.


2 thoughts on “The Voices Within

  1. You work is absolutely outstanding. I could read your work forever. Your poem “voices within” makes me speechless. Thank you for sharing such a different perspective about our personal
    thoughts and inner feelings we sometimes encounter. I wish there where places that I could come see you do in-house readings. Seeing you in person reading what you wrote would be the most ultimate appreciation to you and to your readers, experiencing. I will be thinking about your writings ever night. I appreciate you dearly for sharing.

    One of your co-workers.

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