The Day Before The Day After

(Today, in addition to being the start of NaNoWriMo, is Day 1 of the Writer’s Digest November Poem A Day Challenge. Today was to write a “Day After” poem. In honor of my late Aunt Mary Ruth…)

Last time I saw her
she was so pale,
so thin,
her eyes unfocused,
her hands limp.
Not long, we knew.

The day after I last saw her…
early morning phone calls
My uncle cries,
his wife
now gone.
My heart aches
comforted but slightly
that I saw her
that I am there
for him.

Day blurs
through haze of grief.
Plans are made.
Casket, services,
We say goodbye to our…

Then I go, back home.
Long flight, full of reflection
Ever grateful that I was there,
that I saw her
The day before
The Day After.


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