Misplaced Shoulds

Before we got to today’s poem (the Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt 329), I wanted to let you guys know my first post as a guest is up! As you remember, Marge Cutter was my guest blogger not long ago, and now I’ve been a guest on hers! On her blog, you can find my short story for the week. Here’s the link: https://margecutter.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/a-halloween-treat-guest-blog-by-eliza-winkler/. Please pay her a visit! Now, on to today’s poem!

Raised where advice was handed out…
“You should read, pray, attend.
Only then
Will you be…
Never caring how I felt,
From their shoulds.
Uncomfortable in their house
Of worship
I stayed home.
I detest their “holy” men,
Those that “should” be
A perfect…
I rejected their shoulds,
Feeling misunderstood and
Instead found he who
Completes me
Encourages me
Supports me.
But still the shoulds return again,
Trying to tell me what
I should do, to be
Why can’t they see?
I already am.


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