Share the Mountains

When my family was visiting a couple weeks ago, one thing that Dylan and I really wanted to do was show them the wedding venue that we’ve picked out. I knew this would be a difficult thing for my parents, especially my father, as I was raised Mormon but Dylan isn’t. The site we’ve chosen certainly isn’t a traditional one, but it’s beautiful and goes hand-in-hand with the style of ceremony we’re going to have.

My little brother (left) is standing close to where the ceremony will take place
My little brother (left) is standing close to where the ceremony will take place

We selected Sinoquipe Boy Scout camp to have the ceremony at, which is just a few miles from the Fort Littleton Turnpike exit. We’re planning on an outdoor ceremony, using the Council Circle. The lake and trees will be the backdrop as we say our vows, right in the middle of the Pennsylvania mountains. It’s so beautiful! So many of the trees we all shades of colors when we were there a couple weeks ago, and it almost had me wishing that we were having an autumn wedding. Almost.

After showing them the wedding site and grabbing a bite to eat, we headed for the Cumberland Valley Overlook. This must be one of the best kept secrets around, for even my coworkers who have lived in PA (and in the Harrisburg or Carlisle area most of their lives) had never heard of it. For those wondering (if there are any) it’s off of PA 997. You turn on a little road called Three Square Hollow and follow it up, past the hardball.


About halfway up we stopped at the side of the road, as there’s a little natural freshwater spring up the mountain. Some time ago, they put the PVC pipes in there so you could easily fill a water bottle with it, if you had the desire to. That’s some of the best tasting water out there!

The Cumberland Valley, as seen from the overlook
The Cumberland Valley, as seen from the overlook

It only takes a few minutes to get up to the top, and there’s a place to park then a short walk of maybe 30yards to the railing. As you can see, it’s beautiful, especially at sunset. The last day my folks were here, my mom said to me, “I can see why you love it here!”


One thought on “Share the Mountains

  1. The whole camp is gorgeous and it will be a perfect place for the two of you to make your promises to each other. A beautiful beginning begun in a beautiful setting. I’m glad your folks got to see it and also the overlook. Up there you can see the whole valley.

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