Woodland Picture

(From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt It’s Not About Me)


Early morning sun lights the sky and
earth below. Animals wake and run
everywhere. So much for them to do
Each morning, new challenges arise.
Eat. Forage. Drink. Run. The hunt begins.
Eagles may soar, but deer cannot fly.
Ever vigilant they must be, keep
eyes open for threats, scan the terrain.
Environment shields, camouflage with
elms, oaks, laurels and briers. Squirrels
escape with speed, hop hop through leaves, the
energetic tail-flip can be their
end, as hunters look for that. Shotguns
echo, followed by calm, a silence
eerie in mid-afternoon. Rabbits
evade, tucked into their dens until
evening and night. In dark new creatures
emerge, those not fond of light. Their
ears and nose acute, the opossum
epitomizes the nocturnal.


6 thoughts on “Woodland Picture

    1. Thank you! I found this one to be hard to do (20 line poem, each line starting with your first initial but not about you). I gave up on any sort of rhyme and settled for syllable uniformity so it wouldn’t turn into a tongue twister. And the picture…I took that on the hunting trip yesterday!

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