Passive No More

(From the Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 327)

As time went by, I’d sit,
And wait…

For what?

For “life” to start—too scared to act alone.
Timid and shy
Did only what they thought right.
My Peace lost,

just out of reach.

Dreams tucked away,


Fear of failure


Kept me muzzled for too long
Bound by their expectations.
Uncomfortable in a world not mine.

A deep breath.

I cross that line.
Stretch a little farther—
Grab what I want, despite

The Judgement.

Disapproval shines in their eyes,

Radiates into my soul
Burning my heart.

Questions on why—

can’t they see?

be happy?

Too long I waited, but

No More.

Take back what’s mine:
My Life



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