Kalpana’s Fine Soaps (and Jewelry!)

Big cities always seem to get the attention when it comes to shopping and finding wondrous items, be it dresses, food, or jewelry. After my recent experience finding a very special piece of jewelry, I really think that shopping small business in a small town is really where it’s at. Here’s how it happened…

Back in August at the Corn Festival, I ran into a vendor that I had bought a couple necklaces and a pair of earrings from last year. Her name is Kalpana, and her work is exquisite. She makes glass pendants and beads, and when I mean makes I mean that in the literal sense. She has the venting system, the blowtorch, bits of glass and silver that she turns into the most beautiful and artistic collection of shinies that you’ve ever seen.

One tray of several with Kalpana's glass pendants
One tray of several with Kalpana’s glass pendants

When I was at her booth, I saw a couple pendants that had trees on them, and I commented to Nancy that it would be cool if I could get a custom Tree of Life pendant done for my wedding. Kalpana heard me, and jumped right in, telling me that she would gladly do that, and that she has done custom orders before. No money down, no obligation. I definitely couldn’t argue with that!

So we talked, going over my colors, the vision I had in my head. She added suggestions, and the idea took real shape. She gave us a list of events that she would be at, and we decided that we would meet back up with her today, at Chambersburg’s AppleFest. I left her with my contact information and skipped away, on cloud nine. Who else can say that they were getting a custom-made pendant for their wedding?

When Dylan and I got home from our less-than-successful hunting trip, Nancy and I went down to Chambersburg. It was cold and windy, but that didn’t matter. I was getting to see the couple of pendants that were made for me. When we got to Kalpana’s booth, she told me that people had been ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the pendants reserved for me. I was not disappointed. After admiring them for a few minutes, I picked the one I wanted.

Kalpana with some of her pendants
Kalpana with some of her pendants

The jewelry is only part of her business. She and her husband also sell artisan soaps (I always get a lil sample bar with each jewelry purchase), lip balms, shaving kits, perfume oils, and a few other things. You can find her at www.kalpanasfinesoaps.com.


5 thoughts on “Kalpana’s Fine Soaps (and Jewelry!)

  1. The woman is amazing and makes the most beautiful lampwork beads I’ve ever seen. Including the one I bought myself for my birthday! Yours will look amazing with your wedding dress, and what a treasure to have then for the rest of your life.

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