First Meeting

My family came in for a visit, to meet Dylan and see my new state. I figured one of the best times to do this would be when they could catch a bit of the local color. What better time than the National Apple Harvest Festival? There are oodles (that is such a technical unit of measure!) of apple orchards here, so the first two weekends in October they hold the Festival, and you can find all kinds of cool things, both apple related and not!

Family Picture!
Family Picture!

When we first arrived, Nancy took a couple family pictures for us, first just me, my folks, and my brother. Then Dylan was stepping into the picture and my little brother hopped right between Dylan and I. That had us all cracking up. My brother has Down’s Syndrome, and it sometimes takes him a while to warm up to new people and places, but he liked Dylan right from the start. I really loved seeing the interactions between them.

Checking out the old cars and the custom paint!
Checking out the old cars and the custom paint!

Our first stop once in the fairgrounds where the Festival is held was to check out all the old cars. Roadrunners, Mustangs, pickups, and even a Rambler, there was something there for any car enthusiast. Willie had to stop and check out the custom paint on an antique truck.

By the time we’d been through the dozens of cars and trucks, it was getting on to two o’clock and no one had eaten lunch yet. That meant it was time to stop by the middle of the fairgrounds to get a roast beef sandwich from the barbecue pit. Now, this is unlike any pit I’ve ever seen because it’s huge. They keep a sign out there telling how many pounds of roast beef, the thousands of dozens of rolls, hundreds of pounds of onions and horseradish, and gallons and gallons of barbecue sauce that they serve up every year. It’s no wonder, either. When we first got in line it must have been 30 or 40 yards long. Nancy and I split a sandwich because they’re so big.

Pancakes with apple topping!
Pancakes with apple topping!

Here’s why we needed to save room. We decided we were going to join Dylan in getting an apple-topped pancake. Oh my was that good! Like all other pancakes I’ve seen since I arrived in Pennsylvania, these took up the most of the plate, and they didn’t skimp on the apple topping. Add a little apple caramel syrup and you’re in for a treat! Of course, it was so huge, Nancy and I decided that next year we’re going to split this one as well! Then I can have my pumpkin funnel cake that I had last year but didn’t feel up to this year.

Apple pancakes is serious business!
Apple pancakes is serious business!

There are a lot of other things besides food. Nancy got an iron hummingbird decoration for the garden and a few little garden flags, and I got a little butterfly that I can put out in the garden come spring. There’s also a petting zoo, and my brother really had fun with that. All in all, it was a very fun and exhausting day, and I think it was a good first meeting between Dylan and my parents.


3 thoughts on “First Meeting

  1. It was a beautiful day for it and everybody had a good time. So many foods to choose from! I’m glad Dylan got me hooked on those apple pancakes, but yea, let’s split it next year to leave room for more good things.

  2. in the pancake-eating photo, I was amazed at how much Dylan resembles my son, Andrew Clark. But Andrew now has a full beard that is several inches long, so a current photo of him wouldn’t show as much resemblance. Where in PA was this Festival? We lived in Pottsville, PA, for 14 years. I agree, they really know how to make pancakes!

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