Day 6—Join the Twitterverse

Today is Day 6 of the October Platform Challenge. The assigned task? Join Twitter.

I joined about a year(-ish) ago, initially as a way to follow a band and a couple close friends of mine (shout out to Russ and Gayle…love you guys!). I don’t remember if I looked for my name and it was already taken or not, but I do remember trying a couple things before settling on @Lasairiona. I figured it fit, as that was my gaming handle for several years, starting with the computer game I was playing in which I met both Gayle and Dylan.

A little while later I figured out how to link my blog to my Twitter, so everything auto-tweets when I finish a post. I still feel like an awkward tweenager when I venture into the Twitterverse, convinced that the next BuzzFeed article they title “Twitter: 10 ways you know you’re doing it wrong” will feature me. I’m also sure I’m the most boring twit on Twitter. I could be wrong, but who knows?

So there you go, Day 6 Challenge is complete (I know it’s not my “by-line” but I put my last name back up there so I can be found in the search option).


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