Joining the Tradition

Dylan and his friend Shay have a tradition that’s been going on for the past eight years. They go down to FexEx Field to see the Eagles/Redskins game. Long story short, Shay has a ticket hookup so we’re sitting on the Redskins side, 49 yard line, 5th row. It makes for an interesting time as Dylan and Shay are on opposite sides of the team coin. Some years Dylan said he was the only Eagles fan in the car so he’d keep quiet when his team won until after they were already on the road.

wpid-img_20151004_154352351.jpgLast year Dylan was a little surprised when I asked if I could come with to the game. The biggest reason being….I don’t like football. I’ve never cared for it, I don’t have a team, and boy, do I hate hearing about my coworkers’ fantasy teams. Then I went to a game. It’s a totally different experience actually being at the game. I’ve decided I’m an Eagles fan by association, as you need someone to cheer for, right? So I was screaming, hollering, and otherwise carrying on as a fan would. And it was fun!

wpid-wp-1443993044394.jpg This year I was better prepared. I got an Eagles T-shirt and hoodie from the NFL shop (yay sale prices!) We lost last year, and again today, and I’m wondering if I’ve messed up the “Eagles Juju” as no pro teams I’ve liked in the past have done well when I paid any attention to them. It’s okay though, as the last part of this football ritual is just as satisfying. After the game (or before, if it’s a night game) we head over to Joe’s Crab Shack for crab nachos and steamer pots.

No matter which team wins, it turns out to be a great time!


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