Define Yourself as a Writer

This month, Robert Lee Brewer (from Writer’s Digest) is “hosting” a month-long challenge on the There Are No Rules column. I’m a day late, but here’s my response to the October Platform Challenge Day 1.

Name: Eliza Winkler

Positions: Police Officer with DoD, Independent Distributor for AdvoCare, Blogger

Skills: Firearms knowledge and marksmanship, Creative Writing (Poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction), blogging

Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter


Accomplishments: US Army Veteran, HS award for Best Cameo in Drama Club, Short story published in HS newspaper, Promoted to Corporal and Field Training Officer in previous Department, Awarded Honor Graduate in Department of the Army Civilian Police Academy, Awarded the Commander’s Award for Civil Service for bravery in the line of duty.

Interests: Writing/blogging, fishing, running, computer gaming, gardening, photography, spending time with fiancé and our two dogs.

In one sentence, who am I?: Eliza Winkler is an engaged police officer, who spends her free time planning her wedding, writing, and gaming.


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