Day 2—Setting Goals

So I’m playing catch-up, as it’s day 2 of the Writer’s Digest 2015 Platform Challenge. Today’s challenge is Set Your Writing Goals, both short and long term.

Short term:
•Complete each day’s Platform Challenge on its respective day.
•Go back over my book outline and revise as needed.
•Find an appropriate magazine/literary journal and send in a submission for publication.
•Attend a Writing Conference next summer.
•Complete my novel’s first draft.

Long term:
•Submit novel for publication.
•Complete a collection of poems for a poetry book.
•Take some writing courses, and get my degree.
•Complete a book of short stories.
•Not necessarily a Writing goal, but…get a job with a shorter commute.


3 thoughts on “Day 2—Setting Goals

    1. So far, so good…I’ll see how it goes when my parents get here for a visit. I’m sure they’ll understand my taking time to work on this and take a bit of time to blog even when they’re here.

      1. I have managed to be consistent in not posting early enough on the respective day to actually post on that day. Ugh. Oh well…for me getting it done is the bigger feat.

        Your parents will understand. Amazing how people tend to be your biggest cheerleader when they see you putting in the time. 😉

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