Shorter Days, Smaller Harvests

As the fall weather starts to show up, that means it’s time to plant the cool-weather crops. The spinach is doing very well in the old zucchini planter box, and I’ve been picking leaves off it in the morning to saute with my eggs for breakfast.

wpid-img_20150916_094727159.jpgThe nights have really been getting cooler, down in the low 50’s, and that unfortunately means that the garden is winding down. The cucumbers and black-eyed peas have finished their life cycles, and the tomatoes are slowing down, their fruits getting gradually smaller. The cherry tomatoes have still been plentiful even as some of the vines are beginning to wither, and there are even a few branches still climbing skyward, new little tomatoes growing.

wpid-img_20150916_094844118.jpgI was pleasantly surprised to find that the purple jalapeños haven’t thrown in the towel yet. As we started picking the peppers that were beginning to dry for seeds, the plant decided that this means it’s time to make more. I’ve just this week picked two of the new fresh jalapeños, and there are several more growing. The purple bells are doing the same thing, though they’re all very small for bell peppers.

The smaller harvests from the garden are a melancholy reminder that the summer is mostly past and the winter will be coming soon. I just hope that Mother Nature gives us a break from a harsh winter, and holds off the first frost for as long as possible.

One thought on “Shorter Days, Smaller Harvests

  1. Melancholy, that’s a good word for all of it. But, since we knew winter will come anyway, it’s so good to have some of the garden blessings stored away for cold days when we can make things from them, and remember the colors and the bounty of the summer. Next year, better yet……….. 🙂

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