2 Year Blogiversary


Saturday the 12th marked my 2 year anniversary of my first post (High School Crush and Horseback Rides). When I started this, I didn’t have a clear idea of where I was going with it, I had no plans. All I knew was I wanted to write and I wanted it to be available for whomever would take the time to read it. I wish I would have had more of a plan when I began, as I now feel like I’m playing catch-up.

It was back in July of this year that I really started to focus on my blog and started to plan out and work on posts for it. In that time my tiny little blog has grown, though with 108 followers it’s definitely still miniscule.

I’ve read articles on how to increase my blog’s readership, and I’ve also been given advice on the subject (read other blogs, like, comment…). From what I’ve seen, the advice was far more accurate than any article I read. I do wish I had more time to browse other blogs, or that the WordPress app was more browsing-friendly in order to find new blogs to read when I do have the time (usually at work when I have a few minutes of downtime).

2 years behind me, but I feel like I’m just starting this writing journey. One place did I see someone tell people to write what makes them happy, rather than just the whims of the market. Now I know he was referring to books, but I feel it definitely still applies here. With that in mind and a reminder that my blog is not anyone else’s and I shouldn’t compare their success to mine, I’ll just keep writing my poems and stories, for that’s what brings me joy and a sense of accomplishment.


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