Marrying a Smoker

Times like this I swear I’ve got an odd man. I get excited about chocolate and peanut butter, and pretty much any type of dessert. Dylan? For him it’s meat. For his birthday I got a chocolate cake at the grocery bakery. I also happened to get hold of some venison hot dogs that day…guess which one he was more excited to see?

So it’s no wonder that when I acquired a smoker he was thrilled. Now, I don’t mean acquired in the army sorta way, where it was sitting alone looking like no one was paying attention so I snuck off with it. I mean, a friend at work and I were talking about the wedding and where Dylan and I were [still not] registered (Bass Pro?) and the pretty smoker that was there, and this friend told me that he just got a new gas one and would we like his old charcoal one?


Our own Artoo, without wheels, lights, or sound effects

So Thursday night coming home from work, there was a cute little Artoo unit with no inner workings sitting in the back of my little Escape. Ever since I let it slip that I would be bringing a smoker home, Dylan has been looking up recipes and getting different ideas of what kinds of meats he can put in there, with what rubs and marinades, over what types of wood to make the most delicious cut of meat possible.

Smoker assembly line

We bought charcoal and wood chunks, and Dylan picked out a couple things to put in this new flavor-infusing device of ours. And today we fired it up.

It was quite the little set up, with my tiny grill on the side as a place to get the coals started before being placed into the bottom of the smoker. Above the coals is a dish that gets filled with water, and above that, the grill where you put the food. He also got a little oven thermometer that can stay inside the meat as it’s cooking so we know exactly what the core temperature is, which is so useful, since every time you open the smoker you can lose some of the heat inside, not to mention the smoke as well, which is kind of the point to this type of cooking.

Cranking it up for the first time!

The first thing Dylan cooked was pork tenderloin. Put a rub on it, put it on the grill and wait until the thermometer beeps (took about two hours)…and oh! I don’t even know how to describe the deliciousness that danced across my tongue when I bit into a slice of it. It was smokey, flavorful, and very juicy.

Pork tenderloin
Pork tenderloin

Dylan then didn’t want the coals (which were still hot!) to go to waste, so he put a little beef roast up there next. It’s resting now, but I can’t wait to try it in a minute. I know it smells divine!

Beef roast
Beef roast

With Dylan making food like this, I don’t mind so much that he’s more into meats than sweets. And it sure helps that he knows his way around a smoker! I could definitely get used to this. πŸ˜‰


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