Heron Haiku

Great Blue Herons habit the marsh at work, though last year I saw a lot more of them. I blame the construction that’s going on. Now…on to my lil poem…🙂 Great blue herons seen In the swampy marsh today— Second, third this year.

Finality and Peace

(From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt Bermuda Discovery and the conclusion to last week’s prompt response, Youthful Trip of Horror) The world tips, throwing Joshua from his bed. He gets to his feet unsteadily, confused by his surroundings. Wooden walls and floor….a floor that’s still rocking under his boots. With more than a little … More Finality and Peace

Artificial Motivation

I know it happens to all of us…those days that you just don’t have the energy to do any more than the bare minimum.  Unfortunately for me, that’s been every day at work since last Friday…at least.  I feel sluggish and slow, tired and completely void of all motivation. I wish I knew what causes … More Artificial Motivation

Hesitate to Say

(From Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt 323, and something of a gripe from this last weekend) I hesitate to bring this up for fear of what they’ll say. Saturday’s Christian festival—how I’m glad they went away! Thousands gathered at fairground near for their concerts about God, But in my yard naught else was heard, only … More Hesitate to Say

Night Music

I may not be a night owl But I hear the night time sounds. A symphony will play for Me each time the sun goes down. Crickets play their violins. The cicadas have woodwinds. Katydid strums on her harp As leaves on the trees fill in. The industrial complex On t’other river side adds to … More Night Music

2 Year Blogiversary

Saturday the 12th marked my 2 year anniversary of my first post (High School Crush and Horseback Rides). When I started this, I didn’t have a clear idea of where I was going with it, I had no plans. All I knew was I wanted to write and I wanted it to be available for … More 2 Year Blogiversary

Rat in a Maze

(From the Writer’s Digest creative writing prompt Labyrinth) A jackhammer behind my temples wakes me, and I groan and roll to my side as I clutch my head. What the hell happened to me? As soon as the thought crosses my mind, a more disturbing one follows. Who the hell am I? I try to … More Rat in a Maze