Doggy Doctor

Brooklyn loves going to the vet.  Okay, that’s not entirely true—he loves going for car rides.  I put his harness on, and out the door we go, which irritates Sasha when she doesn’t get to go as well.  She’s quite the jealous lil girl.  But I digress…

When I first adopted Brooklyn, I had to lift him into my civic I had at the time, because he wouldn’t willingly step foot into the car.  It took a lot of time and treats for bribery, but now he will hop into an open car door if you want him to or not.

Yesterday he got his car ride, because we had to let the vet check on a mass I noticed in his mouth last week.  The news was rather as I feared—the vet thought the mass behind Brooklyn’s canine tooth looked like a tumor.


This vet visit was really easy for the slobbery baby, but next week won’t be so fun.  Next week he gets surgery to remove the mass.  Hopefully he’ll have a clean bill of health after that, but we won’t find out entirely until the biopsy results are back.

I don’t know what Sasha will do without him that day, but I’ll be home to keep her company and let her know she’ll be alright, and her brother will be home in the evening.

2 thoughts on “Doggy Doctor

  1. This is cute: but now he will hop into an open car door if you want him to or not. I hope it’s just a thing, and all over once you get the biopsy. He’s such a cute boy.

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