Colorful Limas?

Half the fun of growing a garden is sharing the bounty and even exchanging seeds with other gardeners. This year, Nancy was given some Hopi Lima bean seeds from her friend Sam, just to try something new. They got planted later than the other beans, but hey—they had to get here from Tennessee!

The little Hopis weren’t discouraged by being the last ones planted, and soon they were 6 feet, with the oddest flower configuration we’ve ever seen on beans. There’s a stem with several flowers down it, which reminds us of grapes.


Now, Nancy says that fresh limas are nothing like the frozen ones, which have a texture I really don’t care for. And the Hopis are more different yet. So, I need to try these lil guys. Yesterday then, we picked a nice handful of them, and I shucked them out of their little shells to cook up. Opening the pods is so fun, as they’re different colors, and you never know what color or pattern you’re going to end up with! I want to grow them again just for that fact, not to mention (of course) that some of them are purple when they’re not dried yet! Did you ever see such a pretty lima?


I intended to cook them yesterday for lunch, but with all the running around to defeat the squirrels with sticky fingers, I didn’t get a chance. So I’ll do that today, add a little color into the day otherwise filled with bland mundane chores that much be done every weekend. I sure hope I like them. They’re just too pretty for me to detest!

One thought on “Colorful Limas?

  1. Cook ’em about 15 minutes, drain and add butter. Nothing else needed on those! I want to let most of the rest of them go dry for in things in the winter, when the pretty colors will be a good reminder that summer was a wonderful time. And I have lots of seeds already collected and we’ll be planting a slew of these next year. What we’re collecting was from 8 beans. I’m thinking 20 next year, seriously.

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