The Day the Squirrel Stood Still


The squirrels have continued in their devious ways, chewing on the box corner of the rubbermaid container to get to the good stuff inside. We’ve tried blocking their way, but they just chew on the things we’ve used to cover the squirrel-sized hole and even pushed things off the top of the container that we put there to weigh down that which was acting as a patch.

The squirrels really have no respect, and taunt us at every turn. There are plastic chips laying about the back porch from the last chewing session, and the fluffy-tailed buggers have even left a couple corn kernels beside the container as evidence of their successful plunders. Why, yesterday when I got home from physical therapy, as I was unlocking the door, a squirrel squeezed out of the container, threw some obscene gestures at me, and bounded off while laughing.

Of course this means war, and so far, Dylan and I were losing.

We needed a new container, and one that the sneaky scoundrels couldn’t chew through or open. This called for a trip to Tractor Supply. It took a little looking around, but $16 later, we were armed.


The squirrel and rabbit feed has been transferred into the new container now, and in light of the little furball defiance, Dylan decided not to put any of the food out tonight. Gotta let them know the negotiations are over, and they have lost. He said that he expects in the morning to find a little puddle of water on the porch beside the new feed container, made up of squirrel tears as they realize that they can no longer rob us blind.

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