No Tomatoes Here…

I started picking tomatoes last night because with this increase in heat, all the tomatoes are ripening at once it seems, and I’ve already been falling behind as several have been getting overripe and rotting. Nancy has started freezing some of them and will freeze more, but she didn’t want to freeze too many if they were ones I was going to eat. So I decided I would pick as many tomatoes as were ripe, take out the ones I want to eat fresh, and give the rest to Nancy to freeze.

So I started picking. The first container I went out there with was soon filled to overflowing, so I got my oversized soup bowl that I liked to use earlier in the season. It too was heaped soon, and I hadn’t really even started on the purple cherry tomatoes. Dusk set in and it got hard to tell what was red and what wasn’t quite ready, so I went in and decided to give it a rest until today. Note to self: noon is not a good time to be out on a clear, sunny day without shade, leaning waist-deep (and head first!) into a patch of tomatoes.

I’ve ended up with so many, I told Nancy she should pack some up to share at the Senior Community Center like she’s done a couple times before. It’s nice to share the bounty of the earth with those that enjoy and need it. And looking at the containers, I remind myself of what I was so sure of before I moved here: I can’t grow things.


Nope! Certainly no tomatoes here!

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