Bloomin’ Violets

I know I have said before that my thumbs aren’t the greenest, and for quite some time I believed them to be the exact opposite. Now I’m still not entirely convinced that I can keep things alive on my own, but today I came across something that had me more than a little excited. That’s why I’m writing this within minutes of my little discovery. I just couldn’t wait to tell you, my little [mostly] anonymous online family.

Nancy has said many times that African Violets can be very picky plants, and difficult to grow. They’re very sensitive to some things that other plants aren’t so bothered by. Hearing these things from a woman who is completely at one with the dirt and all things growing therein, you can imagine my intimidation at such a plant.


I’ve had my little plant for a couple months now, and it’s been growing bigger but hasn’t had any new blooms on it. Until today. I went to give it it’s weekly water and I just about jumped out of my skin when I saw a perfect lone little flower on my violet.


It also had a couple more buds forming under the leaves about to come up as well. I’m so very excited the my little African Violet is starting to finally bloom. I guess I may have to admit I can grow a few things, even as unsure of myself as I am. Even my little volunteer snapdragons seem to be agreeing to that one, as a few more of them are starting to bloom as well.


Last year Dylan had asked for red snapdragons. I guess they heard his request.

3 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Violets

  1. I think that is one of the best complements I’ve ever had: a woman who is completely at one with the dirt and all things growing therein. I like it!

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