Two Sides to Every Season

In many ways I love this time of year. The warm weather, the garden, the fairs and festivals, the sandals…it’s good times!

Our vegetables have really been flourishing. The Thai beans have reached the top of the trellis and started climbing sideways. They must really like the heat, because they’ve taken off since it got especially hot. A couple days ago I picked the first bean from the big plant. It was very interesting, because while other purple beans turn green when cooked, these (which are a reddish purple on the vine) turned a deep purple.

That morning I also picked about 3-4 cups of cherry tomatoes, a combination of the Indigo Blue Berries and the yellow pears. Today I picked even more, with many still on the plant waiting for me, as my bowl I was putting them into ran out of room. I’ve been having to get creative with the tomatoes, trying to find new ways to make them. Today I have some plain for snacking, and I put some in a pasta salad with little mozzarella cheese pearls. Yum!

This is all fun. I love seeing the garden grow and produce fresh food, but this is also when my favorite time of year comes to a close. The fireflies’ time is coming to an end for this season. Last year, I saw my very first firefly. Ever. I was so excited by this I had to tell you about it (if you missed it, here’s the link to that post).

Fireflies—or lightning bugs, depending on what part of the country you’re from—are flying beetles whose tail end lights intermittently, presumably to find a mate. They’re nocturnal, and really they’re most active right around dusk and the first hour or two at night. During the day, you can sometimes find them hiding under leaves on the green beans, as with this one.


My beloved fireflies don’t last long though. They show up at the beginning of June, and now at the end of July they’re mostly all played out. They burrow their eggs in the ground, and when the larvae hatch, they’ll feed for the rest of the summer and hibernate through the winter, until next June when they take flight again, lighting the evenings with magic and reviving my child within.


3 thoughts on “Two Sides to Every Season

  1. I was so tickled last year that you had never seen them and got to see them for the first time here. The magic of the night: lightning bugs, cicadas singing, sometimes an owl hooting. It’s all good. Then in the daytime there’s veggies to pick! Lots of veggies.

    1. They’re just amazing! I’m always gonna be a kid when I see them, and I’ll be chasing them around every summer, up until I break a hip falling down the hill because my walker wasn’t stable. 😉

      1. They really are good for children of all ages. Next year when they’re out the most, you have to get a jar and put a bunch in; it’s so neat to see the whole jar light up. Then when you take the lid off, you can watch them all flying away and lighting up as they go.

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