Crafty Critters

Our back yard faces the woods, and so we end up will all manners of wildlife coming through. There are countless types of birds that you can see on a routine basis, if you can identify them. Right now we’ve even got a Jenny Wren nesting in one of the little houses hung up on the clothes line. She’s sure to let you know if you get too close to the nest. She may be only a couple inches long, but she’ll dive bomb you if you linger.

We’ve even gotten the more “exotic” birds on occasion. Last summer, Nancy saw a hawk (red tail?) on the patio picking at the scraps she’d put out for the “creatures of the night.” And this winter, Dylan and I had heard a mated pair of Great Horned Owls calling to each other while they hunted in the woods and nearby cemetery.

During the winter, Dylan likes to feed our resident squirrels, so we’ve got a big rubbermaid tub of corn, peanuts, and sunflower seeds on the back porch. Then every day he’ll clear the snow off the tree stump and pour a good four cups of the feed for them. As the weather gets warmer and there’s plenty of readily available seasonal food for them, Dylan quits feeding them the seeds.

They hadn’t seemed to mind that too much, until just lately. They’ve started chewing on the corner of the container, and have now eaten their way through the lid so that they can get to the goodies inside.


Dylan has tried to put things on top of that corner, but they manage to push that out of the way. One of them also started chewing the next corner. I’m not sure I really blame them though. Those things are all good stuff, and were they people-grade and not from the pet store, I might just be fighting them for it. Our squirrels are cute lil things, but they’re sneaky little buggers, and they can definitely be destructive.

Especially to get to what they consider candy.


One thought on “Crafty Critters

  1. Yes, it was a red tailed hawk and sooner or later you’ll get to see one. They’re up in the woods and the graveyard a lot, hunting fat juicy rabbits. It’s time to do something else with your seeds or one day you’ll come out and find a big fat squirrel jumping up out of there at you, and who knows whether he’ll scare you more or you’ll scare him more, lol!

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