2015 Fair Fun

Friday and Saturday were our days at the Shippensburg Fair, and there’s lots of fun to be had, not to mention lots of good food. When we went Friday, as I previously mentioned, I was impatient and had to go straight to the homegoods buildings to check my entries. After that was dinner.

They’ve got all manners of food there, most all of them are run by churches and other nonprofit organizations. Dylan has a few things that he has to get every year, the first being an ox roast sandwich sold by the Cumberland Valley Hose Company. We’ll get the bbq variety and put some barbecue sauce on it, which I have to be careful about. Last year I ended up wearing some on my white shirt (barbecue sauce and I don’t always see eye to eye on where it should stay). Dylan also likes to get their chicken corn soup, which is quite delicious.

Another mandatory stop is at the Franklin County Farm Women’s booth for what we call Fair Fries. They’re unlike any other french fries out there, and as Nancy says, they’re the best ’cause they’re at the Fair. The Memorial Lutheran Church sells different waffle dishes, Nancy’s favorite being the waffle sundae. They take a waffle just off the waffle iron (that they don’t even pour the batter for until you order), put a square of ice cream on it, then top it with your choice of syrup (this year was chocolate, caramel, or strawberry). That’s good stuff!

The other absolutely necessary thing to get is from the Church of the Brethren—the Big Boy Hoagie. It’s a hoagie roll with two hamburger patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo. They had some hot pepper sauce there that I put on it too, which really was a wonderful touch! That sandwich is huge tho, so for the smaller appetites they also have the Little Boy, which is half of the Big.


We like going through the livestock area and visiting the sheeps, goats, and rabbits. This cow, Sunny, was out so I had to pet her. She sure was a cute lil thing, but she didn’t want to hold still for pictures at all. The bunnies are all cute to see. There was one who won second, but didn’t seem happy with that. She ate half her ribbon!


There were about six (that I saw) alpacas there this year. I’d never pet one before and I was amazed at how soft they are! A young girl was there with her two, and she knew quite a lot about them and was able to answer all of my questions, which were many, and she even offered up more information that I wouldn’t have even thought about asking.


There were some very weird sheep there, that I think must have been a special breed, although I couldn’t find any signs about them. They had folds and wrinkles on their faces, like a bulldog or Shar Pei. Being the nerd that I am, I was calling them the Klingon sheep.


Dylan played his traditional game of tossing rings at knives on spinning tables, and won a couple. Now I’ve got a shiny purple pocket knife to go with my pink one he won for me last year. Saturday there were horse shows that Nancy and I watched (though the main show was a very long one, so we only watched part of it). There was a beautiful Belgian stallion yearling that was at the draft halter show. He certainly wanted to be anywhere but there and was full of spit and vinegar! He was quite tall, but still had a ways to grow as he was smaller than the Belgian mares who were also there.


The Lead Line class during judging at the Annual Horse Show
The Lead Line class during judging at the Annual Horse Show

It was two long days of fun, delicious food, and cute animals. There’s funnel cakes too, but I save that for the National Apple Festival. And of course, no fair is complete without cotton candy and kettle corn!


3 thoughts on “2015 Fair Fun

  1. You told a lovely, thorough story of the fun of the fair. It’s sad when it gets over, but next year………more good food, and more entries in the competitions, and maybe you’ll win again! I’m glad you enjoy the fair, cos it’s a part of living here for most people.

    1. It’s a lot of fun! It’ll be better next year, when I don’t have to hobble around and sit every ten minutes because of a bad leg. Hope to see the Horse Pull next year, and enter more things!

      1. Yes, you more agile and ready to walk around. Plus now you know about more things that are good and fun. Enter more things, yes….. 🙂

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